A Thug story

Before I dive into the Will Smith story, I want to tell you a little story, a personal one. My father was not a very intelligent man. He was street smart and one of his biggest accomplishments, according to him, was to marry my mother. My mother was French, classy, incredibly beautiful, and educated. For the little boy who was born and raised in a village of 60 people on the borders of a Balkan country, she was the validation of his worth, and the epitome of a life well-chosen.

The problem was, that my mother, was well-read, not educated. She had strong beliefs regarding nutrition, health, medicine. Back then, it was rare and sounded enlightened. Now, thanks to the internet, we see a plethora of people believing in the “natural” way of life, or medication etc.

As a child, growing up between them, I observed and took my own path, but what I could see clearly, was the undeniable admiration my father had for my mother, and how he gobbled up her way of thinking. And if not, the fights at home were legendary and toxic.

I saw firsthand how madness, folie à deux can creep in a couple, and how a very intelligent woman can lie to herself about herself.

I will not analyze my family further, this was to give context in what I saw.

Will was and still is one of my favorite people. But just as my parents were dear to me, love does not make you blind.

Jada was not in danger. The justification that he offended her, was no excuse for someone to get on stage as if he owned it and bitch slap someone. Will knew it was his night, and he made sure we all knew it. He was tripping on power. All his demeanor showed that. From the way he talked, felt indignation, moved, and refused to leave the premises when asked by the Academy. This shows entitlement, audacity, lack of manners. Lack of genuine sense of self.

You don't slap someone one day in your life out of the blue. Slapping is a reflex, something you DO, in general. Videos resurfaced where he was indeed seen doing it before. So on top of everything else, Will is violent. How far his violence goes, we may never know.

All the money and the success in the world, all the intellectual talks and grooming of Jada, a woman he obviously admires, and he wants to be what she wants him to be, have failed to take the hood out of the boy.

This altercation was undignified, it was one you would see in the streets. And at the end of the day, he could have waited to slap him backstage, after the party. But then how would he humiliate him in front of all of us?

Will used us, and robbed us of the joy of his win, robbed the William sisters of their moment, robbed our innocence and years of rooting for him. Will insulted our intelligence with that lame excuse of “love” when there was no love in his manners, way of behaving during and after.

Women all over the world felt Smith was a “man” for protecting Jada. Again, Jada was NOT in danger. And she has a mouth, she can defend herself. These women are probably the same that hook up with a fukboi, thinking he will “change for them”. It's a matter of confidence and personal growth. Yes, it is nice to feel your man has your back. But in this case, what should have Gyllenhaal done when it was implied that he sleeps with his sister? Honor is honor, and a thug is a thug.



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