Long term rewards or the misconceptions of deserving good karma

2 min readJan 27, 2021

This will be short.

Most people that find value in enlightenment, believing in positivity-to the point of being toxic for anyone else feeling human sentiments such as anger-seem to have the belief that life is a jukebox that you feed with kindness, and that kindness will come back to them because they DESERVE IT.

Life does not work like that. If it did, no child would starve, be killed, abused, or suffer. No animal either. And although I firmly believe that we attract what we focus on, or we transform our reality with the energy we put out there, as well as our experience and outlook of the world, in a physical and metaphysical and psychological sense*, it has absolutely nothing to do with deserving anything.

Let me give you an example. I am in a room and I want to get out of it (this could be a wish for money, work, relationship, or escape), so I bang my head on the wall each time because I do not see the door. I want to go THAT way (meaning I want the solution I have in mind). And of course, there is a wall, and it hurts. Only when we take a breath and reposition our gaze and selves we see there is another way out. Maybe not what we wanted exactly or our first choice, but it was always there, WE had to EVOLVE, and change and only then can we move on to the next phase.

Oil painting by Nicole Forup. It represents an abstract lava like explosion with two dark silhouettes watching.

So not getting what we want, is not a punishment, nor is getting it a reward.

Is the salmon hoping upstream for hours to lay his eggs a bad creature that got what it deserved when the bear caught him mid-air? Is the bear?

Morality has nothing to do with evolution and growth. Observing, understanding, and focusing on the right window to set your goals, is. And don’t let that door hit you on your way out :)

*(will explain in another article)