2 min readJan 22, 2021

Trump represented themselves, the underdog that had no snobbish manners, the guy that lavished in gold and put it everywhere in his apartment, like any nouveau-riche would do. What they would do if they had his wealth and power. A big f%^& you to the establishment that keeps them poor, hungry, and disregarded like old socks.

If you had any questions as to why Trump had so many supporters. They are just people, like you and me, distrusting the government, feeling betrayed by their politicians, and disillusioned with life that never turned out to have a prince or a castle at the end of the fairy tale.

The problem starts when belief becomes reality. When emotions become actions. It was an unexpected victory to put the class clown as a teacher because now he could tell the teacher to f^&*& off and express everything his tiny heart desired. Call people by names, make his own rules and divulge the faculty secrets. They felt he elevated them to power, and they did not want to go back bending their backs to anyone.

This is why we saw all the things we saw in the past 4 years, and this is why the return to the usual “order”, with politicians and administrators calling the shots, was unfathomable after the taste of freedom they experienced and the hope for change. All the radicals, anarchists, unhappy, fearful and angry people marched for what they thought was, freedom from corruption. Freedom to be who they are.

Not once did they think that the opposite faction, the one that did not want Trump in power, is not made of pedophiles, rapists and “gays”, perverts and the devil’s tools, but in fact of people fearful of chaos, or anything inappropriate, unfamiliar, due to consequences that could be catastrophic. People shocked by sexism, racism, and hate towards minorities. People fighting equally hard to not lose everything they had acquired little by little from each government, an uphill battle. The freedom to be who they are.

Yes, some of them feel represented by the new president, but most by the new vice president, even if they don’t match skin color. To them, the new pair is the triumph over evil, the troublemaker, scotch tape in his mouth cannot spew hate anymore, but he can also not talk about all the things he learned and saw behind the curtain.

And so, we can go on living our lives, in peace, knowing -all of us- fought on the side of Good. That battles were lost, others won, but this is not the end of the war towards Evil.

The only thing we need now is its definition.